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Watch how a Montana Wreath is made. Direct from Montana to you:  




The Process

boughcutters-shadow.pngMaking high quality wreaths involves a lot of hand labor by the dedicated members of the Montana Wreaths team.  The boughs for wreaths are from grand fir and cedar that come from the high mountains of Western Montana.  Many of our boughs come from the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Reservation, which is just north of Missoula, Montana.  makingwreaths3-shadow.pngThe boughs are cut from the base of large trees and hauled to our production facility.  Once delivered to Missoula, they are carefully separated by hand into sprays of boughs that are clamped onto a wire wreath ring.   When the wreaths are completed, we hand tie the bows, tie on ponderosa pine cones, and decorate with some berries.  makingbow-shadow.pngThe final process is to box the wreath with a special Christmas card for shipping all over the United States. Our wreaths are incredibly fresh and come with the amazing smell of cedar and grand fir.  Everyone young and old enjoys participating in the process to create high quality hand-crafted Christmas wreaths.